Sunday, September 27, 2009

The McGoo Boys!

These 3 little boys are definitely made of snips & snails and puppy dog tails! They are cousins, brothers Owen & Finn (Red & Yellow) and John Patrick (Blue).

This photo shoot was set up for grandma and grandpa's Christmas present. It was all about trains since Grandpa McGoo works for the railroad and O, F, & JP would not let me forget that! ;) Their fascination with trains and their love for their grandpa & grandma shined through today! Their adorable grins and funny remarks made my Sunday morning very joyous and entertaining! Oh, and I have to make a comment about the attempt to remake the "Abbey Road" photograph...they did a very good job crossing the street without holding mom and dad's hands. ;) It was a honor to take photos of these special boys. I have been friends with their mommy's and daddy's for years and I just love their grandma and grandpa too!
Enjoy McGoverns!

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