Monday, August 31, 2009

The Big 2!

This little guy is Miles and I absolutley ADORE all of his sweet smiles! Miles is going to be 2 this month! I cannot put into words how much he means to me, so I will just say, that I am very very honored to be the one asked to take his special 2 year old pics! I think that "Picture Day" with Mr. Fast Feet is what we all needed after a long week. He brought lots of smiles to our faces and I am so happy that I captured a few on camera! :) Enjoy!

Happy #2 Mr. Miles!

Love, Miss Abby

Friday, August 21, 2009

Aliza & Ryder (18 month pictures)

This is my beautiful sister Aliza and her son Ryder. Not only is my nephew handsome with those big brown eyes, he is also a very bright little man! He is rough & tough, has tons of energy, very mischievous and is definitley "all boy"!

Ryder just turned 18 months old!!! He is 2 days older than his cousin, my son, Calvin. :) It has been joy to watch the two of them grow from little babies in to little boys together. It is such a bitter sweet moment in a mother's life when you realize your baby is not such a "baby" any more. :(

Ryder wore me out on this photoshoot adventure. ;) He lured me to some pretty fun places. The flower garden, some cool climbing rocks and an old stair case. I could hardly keep up! I enjoyed every moment of it. My favorite part was that I captured many memorable moments with mommy too, here are just a few. Enjoy! :)